I've been a software developer/sysadmin for over 10 years now (since my 15th, 28 now). Experience with LAMP, Zope, Cocoon and now (thank God!) Django but following closely what's happening in the Node.js community. Fluent in both Dutch and English, actively developing multiple open source Django apps on GitHub.

Finished philosophy and physics bachelors in 2011 and combining freelance work with a coorporative collaboration with Visualspace. Stuff I have done over the last couple of years:

  • Developed an iOS/Android app for the Dutch National Bank  for iOS and Android using HTML5/JS with PhoneGap using Backbone.js and AMD/Require.js.
  • Setup a flexible customizable yet minimalist e-commerce solution and integrated several payment service providers, developed a bunch of webshops with it.
  • Helped the 1%CLUB setup the infrastructure for their crowfunding platform.
  • Helped several high-traffic websites with scaling, performance and issue-management.
  • Gave a 3-day Python/Django workshop for experienced non-Python programmers.

I'm available for short- and mid-term projects, preferably on location. Would not mind moving around the globe to be part of something special and beneficial to humanity in a sustainable way.

For more information please refer to my curriculum vitae.

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