Mason Browne

I'm tired of PHP. The PHP community will defend itself to the grave, but I'm done with it.

I've played with “the frameworks”… CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Rails, Django. CakePHP tries to be something it can't be. CodeIgniter is simple, but too verbose. I love Rails, and enjoy working with it. But Django seems to have the most promise. It has this allure that makes it feel so damn … sexy.

So I'm looking for some work in the Django department. No, I'm not yet a Django expert. I am, however, a lover of languages (both spoken and computerized) and learning. And I have all that PHP/Rails experience.

So. If you're a benevolent dictator, I will be your appreciative coder. I vowed to only work in a place I love. Conversely, I try to love wherever I work.

And everyone knows, if you love where you work, you'll do great things. =)

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