Madra David

I am an entrepreneur ,software engineer and linux sys admin.

I am a Fullstack developer , I do Frontend , Backend and DevOps.

I have 8 years experience with Python , Ruby on Rails and PHP .

I have built Python Apps using Django,WebPy and Flask .

I built an OpenSource BitCoin Escrow Service in Django ,Postgres and Bootstrap located here

I also built an OpenSource Django Blogging Platform called Yarp .

I have experience RESTFUL API's with Python (Django REST, tornado) and PHP .

I have experience with JavaScript frameworks , My favorites being Jquery , Angularjs and BackboneJs .

You can check my Github profile here .

I also have experience with Java (Mostly for Android development recently).

I am a Sys-admin , i have experience using and managing AWS (Amazon Web Services) , DO (Digtal Ocean) and Linode VPS'es .

I am familiar configuring and using Apache,Nginx and lighthttpd.

I have working Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS 3 , I heavily use Bootstrap and Flat UI for my UI's .

I have database experience with Mysql, Postgre,MongoDb and Memcached

I use git ,subversion and Mercurical for version control.

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