Kashif Ali

* An experienced Software Architect with extensive Cloud and Virtualization experience* Hands on experience with various cloud stacks including Openstack* Lead Developer for Python, Django, PHP and .Net projects* Well-versed in various software development methodologies such as Agile development* As a System Architect, and Project Lead, implemented VMware and KVM automation using Python, Django, C/C++, libvirt, HA clustering.* Extensive knowledge of server virtualization using Xen, Virtuozzo, OpenVz, KVM, datacenter management and cloud computing using VMware (VCenter, VSphere).* Developed a centralized platform for managing virtual environments, automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure with high availability, security and privacy. * Developed various cloud features for highly available clustering services using pacemaker and Openswitch that are applied to different cloud stacks including Openstack. * Currently working on the latest Openstack release 'IceHouse' and doing some testing.* Highly experienced Linux administrator, including management of XEN, OpenVZ and KVM based hypervisors, according to the needs of server hosting companies. * Self-motivated, highly adaptable to technology changes, a quick learner, and a strong team player with great interpersonal skills.

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