Johannes Hoppe

As an entrepreneur, I believe that success is not always about succeeding, but preservation of your vision and to carry on when you are failing.
As a developer, I have faith in Open Source, and the powerful opportunity it offers for society.
As a design thinker, I know that innovation isn't all about sticky notes and clever ideas, but hard work and passion.
As a human being, I dream about venturing into space and exploring the unknown.
Work Experience
2014–today Senior Software EngineerThermondo
2012–today Founder & ManagingVeerkant
2012–today Creator & Maintainer (Open Source), MusicBeam
2011–2014 IT-Systems Consultant (Freelancer), IVT, Cabig, FZBBMedia
2013 Consulting Design ThinkerB.A.U.M.HPI School of Design Thinking
2012 Quality Engineer (Freelancer), Telekom Innovation Laboratories
2009–2011Systems AdministratorHasso Plattner 
2011–2012 Advanced Design ThinkingVNR AGHPI School of Design Thinking
2011 Basic Design ThinkingBreuninger StiftungHPI School of Design Thinking
2008–2013 IT-Systems EngineeringHasso Plattner Institut, University of Potsdam

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