James Lin

I have been concentrated my last 5 years working on various high profile websites in New Zealand using Django, since version 1.3.

For the past year in 2 companies, I have been mainly converting legacy systems to Django platform. Currently at GrabOne we are typically converting to SOA & PAAS.

Blog: http://james.lin.net.nz

some of the sites I've worked on:

* cart.grabone.co.nz/shopviva

* photogroup.nz

* new.grabone.co.nz

* account.grabone.co.nz

* shop.viva.co.nz

* yellowpages.co.nz

* sem.yellow.co.nz

* stoppress.co.nz

* idealog.co.nz

* newzealandweddings.co.nz

* gjgardner.co.nz

I also have used Django to create facebook competition apps, one that gathered over 20K additional page likes on top of 50K and 40K entries.

I am a believer of DRY, and writing reusable apps whenever I can.

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