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Full-stack and iOS developer that happens to be tinkering with embedded systems and IoT whenever I've free time.



- Python/Django (+2.7-year experience)

- iOS(Swift + 1.9 year experience)

- HTML, CSS, some Javascript (jquery) + frameworks and design (3-4 years)

- Git, Github

- RESTful APIs

- Knowledge of AWS


- Thriving under pressure (start-up experience + 10 hackathon experience)

- Good communication

- I love to work on a team

- I’m very productive, really ( I used to teach productivity to people).

- I love to learn new things in my spare time (e.g. speed reading, new frameworks, small projects, more coding languages, better software architecture, etc) - I’m really willing to dive deep into client server.

Design skills:

- Photoshop

- Sketch

Other skills:

- Copywriting (1,5 year experience)

- Marketing experience

Right now,

I'm always creating automations for your life. Also, I’ve lived in a hacker house in San Francisco and made some models in fusion360 and rhino3D. Currently tinkering with Arduinos and air sensors.

Product I’m proud of:

– made with Django and python, AWS-hosted, PostgreSQL as database (moving it a Docker container now). Still lots to do but it’s going to become a business on it’s own.

Creating apps for iOS – my next app is going to hit the App store this month.

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