Henrique Barroso

Hello, my name is Henrique Barroso, I’m 28 years old, I am web developer from Portugal.

My experience goes back to 2001 when I first enter the enterprise world as a ASP developer. Even tough I had some C/C++ Java background. Soon enough I was involved in other technologies such as PHP (version 3 back then) and mySQL. And I pretty much nailed it since I’ve worked with PHP over the last years. Currently I only code in PHP over MVC frameworks, such as Codeigniter.

Lately I’m more involved with a (in my opinion) more robust and OOP oriented languages, such as Ruby and Python and with theirs MVC frameworks, and with the best javascript frameworks. (jQuery, Scriptaculous).

So what am I ?

I like to think of myself as a technology enthusiast, since I like to learn new skills and adapt myself to the current technology and world. I really hate the feeling of being outdated, so I try as best as I can to keep up.

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