Hajime Branko Yamasaki Vukelic

While designing books Branko realized that he was actually developing interfaces that allow people to make sense of and consume information. He got interested in web development as an alternative source of information and gradually touched most aspects of engineering for the Web—from user interface, to backends, to databases. Today he works as a web developer generalist specializing in Python/Django, CoffeeScript and Compass, developing a taste for well-documented, tested, and reusable code. He also has experience writing single-page (rich) Internet applications and hybrid mobile applications using PhoneGap, and writing NodeJS applications.

Relevant experience:

  • Python: 5+ years
  • JavaScript: 5+ years
  • HTML: 10+ years
  • CSS: 10+ years
  • Bash: 1+ years
  • SCSS: <1 year
  • PHP: <1 year

Framework/Platform experience:

  • Django: 2+ years
  • Compass: <1 year
  • NodeJS: 2+ years
  • jQuery: 5+ years
  • BackboneJS: <1 year
  • PhoneGap: <1 year


  • Multilingual sites (i18n)
  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Single-page applications

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