Fondazione Bruno Kessler

I have started to play with html, css and javascript since 2000… I really like the World Wide Web! On this lasts 5 years I worked as webmaster and in a web company building tens of websites; now I specialize in Django, Php, xHtml/Css2/Js, MySQL/PostgreSql. I also studied XML, XSL, usability and accessibility by myself. Last websites as webmaster: BiomAlba, Bologna Cinema, Unione Cuochi Bolognesi.

Since November 2009 I’m working in FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler). Scientific research area: predictive models, machine learning, bioinformatic tools and geospatial technologies. Here I’m developing almost daily in Django web framework, so now I have very good competences in web development and in teamwork. Besides this I have good knowledge of Perl, Visual Basic 6/.Net and fundaments of Java and C++.

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