Elmer Almeida

Who are we?

We are a team of Python Django developers looking to create professional and well-functioning websites for our clients. We have over 2 years of developing websites with Django and over 5 years experience in Python. We believe with our skill-set and experience, you can create scalable full-featured websites.

How do we work?

Getting to know our clients' requirements is crucial. We want to get to the same page as you.  We will aim to understand more about who, what, where and why about your business and lay it out. Once we understand that, we move on to features that are required for your website. In order to make sure we create high-end applications for you, we run numerous tests as well.

How much do we charge?

Since we are just breaking ground into building commercial websites, we aim to be as cost-effective as possible. We will be transparent  as to how many hours as billed, what work has been done, and what our next steps are.

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