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  • HTML
    • I have been using HTML since 1997, I keep up on the new standards and am closly following the progress of HTML5
  • Javascript
    • I have been using Javascript since the advent of DHTML, which later morphed into AJAX. I am familiar with a number of Javascript libraries, including JQuery, Prototype, Dojo, YUI
  • PHP
    • PHP was the first backend language I learned. I started playing with it around the time phpBB 1.4 came out. I build a web framework for all sites I developed with phpBB as the basis, not for the forum so much as for the templating, DB abstraction layers, and Auth/Auth system.
  • Python
    • I started with Python in 2000 when I found an open source project that didn't quite do what I needed it to. I have been using it for desktop application development since, and have recently started migrating all of my web backend development to Python as well.
  • Java
    • I have been using Java since 1.2 and use it on a regular basis. It is not my prefered language but I am more proficient in it then I am in C or C++.
  • MySQL *This is the first DB system I used, around version 3.2. I have kept up with it and still use it on occasion, though recently I have been using Postgresql more.
  • Postgresql
    • I recently started using this DB in favor of MySQL because it scales better then MySQL in my experience.
  • SQLite
    • I have used this DB in several desktop applications
  • XML
    • My experience with XML goes back to 2000 when a Open Source project I was working on used it as it's primary form of client/server communication.
  • Django
    • in 2007 I began the switch to Django as my primary back end language for web sites, moving away from PHP. I have release several small django apps to the public, one of which is under active development by other now.

References (contact info will be provided if required)

  • Quinn Gil
  • Jason Robey


  • Bellingham Collision
    • Site I created for a Collision repair company. The backend is Python, it makes heavy use of CSS and tableless design.
  • Gustafson And Associate
    • Site I created to duplicate the look of their old static html site (at the request of the customer). The site is now database driven, keeping track of all contact requests, bid requests and allowing full tracking of jobs via the administrative area of the site. The front end is still rather simplistic in my opinion, but that is how the customer requested it.
  • Bresnan BSMP
    • Site I created while working at Bresnan. The site allows the State of Montana to monitor and manage their entire network. The site is protected so you cannot access more then the login page, but it uses Google Maps to draw the network links between cities / building and changes the color based on the status of the connection. It also gives a web interface for the State of Montana to create/monitor/update their support tickets, which are stored in Remedy.
  • OpenRPG
    • I am the current lead developer of the OpenRPG project.

Job History

  • Bresnan
    • The past two years I have worked for Bresnan during the summer. I created the Bresnan System Management Portal which allows corporate or state customers to monitor the status of their network, I was also one of the major developers of their internal monitoring tool which allows them to see the status of every cable modem on their network in real-time.
    • Manager: Jason Robey
  • Freelance
    • I have been working freelance since 2001, designing and hosting sites for various companies, two of which are still around and publicly accessible. Several of the sites I have designed have been for internal use only and under NDA's so I cannot use them in my portfolio

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