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Django Web Development Firm: We custom build Django based web applications and we have also build a content management system for the newspaper industry. Below is a little more info about us and our services:

Web Development Group (WDG) consists of seasoned innovative technologists and industry visionaries. Our people’s passion for what’s next in technology has bred innovative technologies and exceptional ideas. We serve more than 150 clients in a range of vertical markets including congressional, government, publishing, technology, hospitality, entertainment, electronics, automotive, real estate, finance, retail, and sports. Our portfolio includes wide array of fortune companies, associations and the U.S. congress.

Online Newspaper Website Content Management System

When a Content Management System sports a back-end that is as smooth and sharp as its front, we expect some raised eyebrows. Web Development Group (WDG) Content Management System for newspapers is powered by the same technology driving today's largest online newspaper websites.

Built on Django's Web Framework, This Content Management System (OKOMO - meaning the great festival) is custom built specifically for medium and large news portals that require reliability, ease of use, and rapid deployment.

Web Development Group (WDG) provides custom web applications for clients with specific needs that fall outside the scope of pre-packaged solutions. We believe in giving our clients the best solution possible, so if a client wants a new piece of functionality, we build it!

Web Development Group (WDG) technology professionals have the skills and experience to build custom solutions that are designed to take on any challenge thrown our way.

Our custom web applications are cross-browser compatible and are designed to meet our clients’ unique needs and goals.

Custom Web Applications can include:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Video Upload/Viewing/Rating
  • Inventory Tracking systems
  • Ecommerce & Shopping carts
  • Staffing/Recruitment Databases
  • Scheduling Application
  • Event Reporting Application
  • Integrating third party solutions
  • Rewards/Points systems
  • Lead Generation Applications
  • Intranets
  • Banner Ad Serving
  • Wireless Capable Websites
  • Custom Classified Applications

Please contact us at 202-997-2678 for more information on custom development using Python and Django.

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