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DevMizer is an experienced software development group - specializing in Python/Django - delivering a diverse portfolio of applications to clients on 4 continents. DevMizer clients are organizations of all sizes ranging from entrepreneurs to large enterprises needing professional applications to operate their services, market their capabilities, and generate revenues. We deliver comprehensive services ranging from custom website design to automating entire business processes on the cloud. We excel in Web, Mobile, and SaaS Application development and we develop the solutions you need to monetize your business.

DevMizer handles full-cycle development from requirements definition, design and branding, technical and user specification, architecture design, coding, testing, to maintenance and support. We have worked with novices and experts alike to produce their dream apps. We have a depth of experienced managers and developers that allow us to perform on large and small projects alike.

Our goal is simple – to keep you happy and coming back. We take quality, deadlines, and customer satisfaction as seriously as you do. Each of our clients and each of their projects are the most important ones we have.

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