Developers in India

Kerala, India

Novasoft India

12+ years Experience in Software Development, Well experienced in Software Architecture Design & Database Implementation using Python & Django

  • Programming Languages : Python, .NET VB, .NET C#
  • Web Frameworks : Django, MVC. 
  • Web : HTML5, Java Script, JQuery, CSS3
  • Database : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.
  • Operating Systems : Windows, LINUX, Android

Bengaluru, India


Over 5 years of experience building enterprise web and mobile applications.

Specializations - Django, Ionic, Cordova

Kochi, India

Tom Joy

Iam Python/Django Developer. Skill Set- Python,Django,ASP.NET,C#, Ajax,JQuery,MySQL,HTML,XML,Twitter-Bootstrap. Experience in financial domain projects like security litigation settlements,developing social networking sites.

Hyderabad, India


I have 7yrs of web development experience using Full Stack  (LINUX, APACHE, PYTHON(DJANGO), MYSQL, php) in various product development companies along with UI (html, css, ajax, jquery) implementation.

I can fix any issues on your website based on  python(django), mysql, jquery



Bangalore, India

Jeethu Rao

I'm a Bangalore based Python developer, also happen to be the author of tagz ( )



My Skills set:

•Database Systems - PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, MySQL ,MongoDB, CouchDB •Programming - C#.Net, Python, Django, JQuery, ExtJS, OpenLayers, d3, Javascript, CSS,Html5 •OS: Linux(Ubuntu), Windows, Solaris. •Dev ENV: Virtualenv, SVN, BuildBot, Git, Eclipse, Pydev, Aptana


Abhishek Bajpai

I am a python django developer in an Indian IT Company. I am looking for a job abroad. My skills are listed below: - Python and Django - Platforms: Linux(Preferred), Windows, AWS, Google Appengine, Heroku - Databases: Postgres(Preferred), mysql, MongoDB, Appengine Datastore - Deployment: Apache+mod_wsgi and Gunicorn+Nginx - Other skills: Celery ...

Bengaluru, India


Full Stack & DevOps Engineer. Mobile Developer (iOS & Android). Open-Source Fanatic. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT Enthusiast. Father. Atheist.

Gurgaon, India


Have more then 3+ year Exp. in Python. Django. A good knowledge of Django Admin Enhancement & implemented OOP's concept in Django.

Developed django apps for emailing & sms ,File operation n other which can be implemented in any project

Bengaluru, India


I have more than two years of experience in django based web application. I have good skillset on no sql database like couchdb, configuration management systems like vagrant, puppet scripts. I am quite comfortable with front end technologies like javascript, html, css etc.

Pune, India

agYeY solutions

Experts in Python/Django based desktop/web applications.

Kochi, India


developer from India with more than three year experience in web technologies like Django , Turbogear and Mobile

Skills : Java , j2ee ,google app engine ,python ,spring , hibernate ,django

Chennai, India


I am veeravendhan having 7+ years of software development in products/projects both in web & windows app. I have 6+ years in the MS Technologies (ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server..,)

In python/Django I have worked from the beta release, I have involved in 2 product development from the ...

Bengaluru, India


Hi, I Python/Django/Zope freelancer with over 9+ years of experience.

Let me know if you have any freelancing work.


Pune, India

Vivek Joshi

Software Engineer with 1.5 Year of Experience in Software Development.
Expertise in Python, Django, Unix, SVN, GIT, SQL.
Open source practitioner with Excellent knowledge of Web Development. 
Good at project planning, project module management, meeting Deadlines. 
Enthusiastic Engineer looking for new challenges in Information Technology

Bangalore, India

Neuron Networks

I have 3+ years experience in python and 1 year experience django. I have 8+ years of experience IT and Linux export.


Parbhat Puri

I’m a Full Stack Developer with extensive experience in creating scalable web apps with amazingly great UI/UX. I love to play with web technologies and create great user experiences. I know the importance of latest tools and keep myself up to date with the latest technologies and concepts ...

Hyderabad, India

Ecomzera Online Services

We are a full fledged technology service provider to international ecommerce businesses. Over the last 5 years we have built the capability to build varied ecommerce websites & applications.

We have the capability to deliver complete ecommerce websites & back end systems with different business models including retail, web 2.0, auctions ...

Pune, India

Atif Haider

I am a Python/Django developer, a Free software enthusiast, a Lisper, and a Thinker.