Developers in India


Akash Sahu

8 years of experience in open-source technology.

Skill-set: python(8 yrs), Linux(7 yrs), django(6 yrs), postgresql(6 yrs), wxPython(2 yrs), pyqt with mysqlite/sqlalchemy(2 yrs), XML/XHTML/CSS(2 yrs), CVS/SVN, Amazon S3 API's.

Bengaluru, India


6-7 Months of experience on the backend and the front end.

Can do python Django and HTML/Css

Mumbai, India

Fafadia Tech

My name is Sidharth, I have 4+ years of programming experience. I hold MS in Computer Science from USC,CA. I have worked with Django, Tornado, Google App Engine and CherryPy pythonic frameworks.

For references and portfolio you can checkout my profile:

Currently I ...

Pune, India

Tushar Thantharate

open source practitioner having 5+ years of experience in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Django 3rd Party apps.

Bengaluru, India


Former oracle engineer turned entrepreneur/freelancer, seeking opportunities to build exciting web-products from scratch!

I enjoy learning about new technologies and implementing them for delivering compelling web products with awesome user experiences.

My goal is to, collaborate with similar thinking individuals, to use technology to build products that can improve ...

Bangalore, India

Nilesh Padariya

I am an experienced Django/Python developer with having 4+ years of experience. Have worked in many internet technologies including: JQuery Solr Apache Java/J2EE

Pune, India

Django Gurus

DjangoGurus is a single dream of a group of IT technocrats foreseeing a mission of innovation. The approach of this idea includes lots of dedications and researches accompanied by values like originality, teamwork, honesty, simplicity, and our principles.

What We Do :

Custom Application Development :

All companies have their own specific ...

Bengaluru, India


i am a django,python developer in last one year in nanolets software pvt ltd ,bangalore based open source firm.



Hello all

we are service provider from south India , we are experts in .net , php and python(zope3/django/pyqt), if you need dedicated developers or need development support in django let us know ,please mail us at or visit for more details

Thanks Jaijo

Coimbatore, India

Freelance Developer - for Python and Django

  • Hi I am Varad, I am a Freelance developer working with a Software Giant in India.
  • Skills:
  • Programming: Python
  • Scripting : Shell and Perl
  • CSS : Bootstrap 2.3.2 and Zurb Foundation
  • Web Framework : Django
  • Cloud Platform : Google App Engine
  • Post in Bit bucket : package coffeebreak (
New Delhi, India

Siddharth Mitra

I'm a Python/Django developer and love to work with early stage companies. The perfect place to find out more and reach me is

I also run a django dev studio called Cloudshuffle, I work with a lot of startups, such as Hubspot ...

Gurgaon, India

Akanksha Joshi

I am working as a Executive Open source developer in FireFly E-ventures. I am working on Python-Django for more than 1 year.

Ahmedabad, India


My Skills

Python Django MySQL

Mangalore, India

Harshith J.V.

I am MCA 2011 pass-out from VTU, Belgaum. I have 8 months (June 2011 to Jan 2012) of experience in web-development in Mangalore(Karnataka, India) using Django/Python along with expertise in other technologies such as Javascript/jQuery/jQuery UI, CSS/CSS3, HTML/ HTML5. I also some minor exposure to ...


Raushan Raj

  • Python
  • Django
  • MongoDB,Postgres
  • DigitalOcean,Heroku,S3,Ansible
  • Javascript,Jquery,Bootstrap
  • Redis,RQ,Celery
  • CacheMachine

Aamir hussain

Hi my name is Aamir hussain and i am a django developer from last 1.5 years ..i am very much passionated about web and especially django work,…i love it…..

Bangalore, India

Deepak Gupta

About My Self: 9+ Years of Real-time industrial project experience. Good knowledge of software development using 

Python, DJANGO, Angular.js, Redis,Memcache, RabbitMQ, Celery, Bootstrap/HTML5/CSS3,  MongoDB/Postgress/ MySQL/ SQL

Java, Android, iOS,.Net, PHP Applications.

Distributed File system : Hadoop 2/ Map Reduce/ Hive/ PIG/ HBASE/ Squoop/ Flume

Domain ...



Please see our skillset in Python and Django

 Python: Scripting, debugging, PEP 8 standards, usage of 3rd party packages

Django: Web development, API coding, Amazon s3 integration, Migration tool(South), Pluggable application, Celery(Asynchronous),Social Authentication(Facebook, Twitter)

Javascript: Jquery, ajax, plugins, mootools

Others: Redis and Beanstalkd(message broker), Version ...

Hyderabad, India


I have 7yrs of web development experience using Full Stack  (LINUX, APACHE, PYTHON(DJANGO), MYSQL, php) in various product development companies along with UI (html, css, ajax, jquery) implementation.

I can fix any issues on your website based on  python(django), mysql, jquery



Chennai, India


Overall having 4+ experience in development.11 months Experience in Python/Django Web application development.i love python Database: mongoDB,MySQL In Python/Django worked on Retail solutions projects,ERP products,HRMS product,Hire Products I can adapt myself very quick in new technologies that's one of my great ...