Developers in India

Bangalore, India

Mahiti Infotech Pvt. Ltd

We in Mahiti create high impact technology and communications solutions that adapt and scale to evolving needs of our clients and the market.

Mahiti aims to reduce the complexity of Information and Communication Technology adoption/usage through the strategic use of Free/Open Source Technology. Over the last decade, Mahiti ...

Bengaluru, India


Full Stack & DevOps Engineer. Mobile Developer (iOS & Android). Open-Source Fanatic. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT Enthusiast. Father. Atheist.

Pune, India


Python and Django Developer with 2+ years experience in python

Pune, India

Saad Bin Akhlaq

I am a recent graduate from Indian Institute of technology - Banaras Hindu University, specializing in Control Systems-Electrical Engineering. Although I have a degree in Electrical engineering, I have an interest in the field of computer science and programming language. I have a keen interest in web development and I have ...

Pune, India

Sohail Shaikh

1.9 Years of experience with Python and Django. Database experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL and NoSQL(Mongodb).

Hands on experience with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.

Worked with memcache and Redis. 

Currently working with Django 1.5. Experience of working on Linux platform and Windows platform. Experience with tools like ...

Bengaluru, India

mahiti infotech pv ltd.

I have 1.5+ yr of exp. on django ,cms,satchmstore,java and j2ee. i had worked on 4 project on django. i am also good in java script and jquery.

Gurgaon, India

Akanksha Joshi

I am working as a Executive Open source developer in FireFly E-ventures. I am working on Python-Django for more than 1 year.



Lots of experience with Python, Zope, Plone, Django, Turbogears and Pylons

Pune, India


  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. Jquery
  4. Bootstrap
  5. GIT
  6. HTML
  7. CSS
  8. MySQL
Lucknow, India

Alexa Global SoftTech Pvt Ltd

We are expertise with Python/Django, Flask, Maya and 3dsmax and regular association with couple of travel portal company and few other clients. 

Here, you can review our past developed work:

i) Worked on different modules travel guide, hotels, API integration and right now working in hotel inventory system. Our ...

Bengaluru, India

Shashank Hegde

Python/Django developer experienced in design and creation of REST API's for nearly 4 years. Knows Angular js and decent knowledge of Javascript & Jquery

Bengaluru, India

Komal Gupta

Software Engineer with 2.5 Years of Experience in Software Development.
Expertise in Python, Django, REST, Linux, GIT, MySQL, POSTGRESQL, Jquery, AJAX, Elastic Search.

I am an enthusiast python developer with expertise of Django/Flask, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Linux, Git, AWS, Elastic Search. Holding my Engineering with major of Comp Science ...



Hello all

we are service provider from south India , we are experts in .net , php and python(zope3/django/pyqt), if you need dedicated developers or need development support in django let us know ,please mail us at or visit for more details

Thanks Jaijo

Hyderabad, India

Suchan Infotech Ltd

In every thing innovation matters, and one may use djando as one of the tool for it

Pune, India

Opel IT Services

Opel IT Services provides outsourced software development services. We assist customers in all aspects of software development, from working on specific requirements to owning responsibility of complete software product development.

Our core competancy is WEB BASED DEVELOPMENT USING ASP.NET AND DJANGO. and we focus on it.



We're a new media company, specialized in building sustainable businesses online. Our websites are a hybrid of design and technology with a business twist and powered by great frameworks such as Django.

Experienced with Python, Django, Apache, mod_python, lighttpd, wsgi, Google APIs including maps and docs, JQuery, Y! UI ...

Thiruvananthapuram, India

Jayapal Dharmamani 6 years Django Senior Engineer

More than 6 years of good exposure to full software development lifecycle including design and analysis, programming, testing and  configuring with web servers and deploying applications (Apache2, lighttpd, modpython, modwsgi ). Development expertise primarily using Django and Python. Experienced in database schema design and SQL queries with MySQL and PostgreSQL.Implementation ...


Tamonash Roy


  • worked on 10+ projects using django.
  • 4+ years django development experience.