Developers in India

Bangalore, India

Jeethu Rao

I'm a Bangalore based Python developer, also happen to be the author of tagz ( )

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Owais Lone

Love technology, FOSS and Python

Kerala, India

Novasoft India

12+ years Experience in Software Development, Well experienced in Software Architecture Design & Database Implementation using Python & Django

  • Programming Languages : Python, .NET VB, .NET C#
  • Web Frameworks : Django, MVC. 
  • Web : HTML5, Java Script, JQuery, CSS3
  • Database : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.
  • Operating Systems : Windows, LINUX, Android

Hyderabad, India

Krishna Prasad

I am krishna with 2+ Years Experience on Web Application Development and Data Analysis. using Python,Django,Postgresql,Html and JS

Looking for Part of some open source project development (Data Analytic s,Data Visulazation)


Gurgaon, India

Akanksha Joshi

I am working as a Executive Open source developer in FireFly E-ventures. I am working on Python-Django for more than 1 year.

Bangalore, India


3years of web-development experience using HTML, CSS, PHP, javascipt(Jquery, Mootools, yui). Recently learned about Django and have started exploring it. I've been working on Linux(ubuntu) since I started learning programming, so LAMP comes naturally to me.

Gujarat, India


am a php developer exploring python and django

Bengaluru, India


Former oracle engineer turned entrepreneur/freelancer, seeking opportunities to build exciting web-products from scratch!

I enjoy learning about new technologies and implementing them for delivering compelling web products with awesome user experiences.

My goal is to, collaborate with similar thinking individuals, to use technology to build products that can improve ...

Chennai, India

Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd

I have 5 years of professional experience in User Interface Development and  with most usable enterprise wide Web applications. Specialized in Front End Development, full web site development and Python, Django 

Bangalore, India

Deepak Gupta

About My Self: 9+ Years of Real-time industrial project experience. Good knowledge of software development using 

Python, DJANGO, Angular.js, Redis,Memcache, RabbitMQ, Celery, Bootstrap/HTML5/CSS3,  MongoDB/Postgress/ MySQL/ SQL

Java, Android, iOS,.Net, PHP Applications.

Distributed File system : Hadoop 2/ Map Reduce/ Hive/ PIG/ HBASE/ Squoop/ Flume

Domain ...

Kochi, India


I am an experienced Software Engineer with a proven track record of delivering successfully, multiple, concurrent projects using Agile and Waterfall methodologies. I am experienced in Python and facilitating requirements capture through workshops, interviews and questionnaires. I am adept at building and leading high performance teams that focus on delivering ...
Mumbai, India

Ankur Gupta

Python, Django Developer with sound computer science fundamentals. Have developed and deployed 4 Python/Django based web application.

Have worked at 2 VC funded startups and a fortune 15 company.

Mumbai, India

Ideus Concepts

Working in python and Django, created website and intranet systems e.g. Other handy skills: Flash(AS3), Jquery, Interested and doing stuff on : Scalable sytems, Papervision3D



Please see our skillset in Python and Django

 Python: Scripting, debugging, PEP 8 standards, usage of 3rd party packages

Django: Web development, API coding, Amazon s3 integration, Migration tool(South), Pluggable application, Celery(Asynchronous),Social Authentication(Facebook, Twitter)

Javascript: Jquery, ajax, plugins, mootools

Others: Redis and Beanstalkd(message broker), Version ...

Bangalore, India

Sattvik Chakravarthy

More than 1 year of experience in Data Processing domain with Informatica and more than 2.5 years of Industry Experience. Passionate web developer, decently skilled in HTML4/5, CSS, javascript, jQuery, python, django, php. Have worked with databases like Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server to the extent of what I ...

Ahmadabad, India


  • we're group people - working on free lancing projects
  • we're specialized in Djanog - Open ERP - Pythonic
Chennai, India

EC Software

I am Mariselvam working as a Developer. I have worked in Django, Python, PHP

Bangalore, India

raj ganesh

python and django junkie. work with small and medium sized firms, mostly startups, architecting/designing/developing out web/non-web applications. Got some grip on scaling of web applications.