Developers in India

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Owais Lone

Love technology, FOSS and Python

Bengaluru, India


Hi i am python,django Developer working in Hewlett Packard from last 1 year and i love to work in python and creating web applications.

Kochi, India

Jibin John

I am a certified Python Developer with 3 years of experience in designing and developing Web applications based on MVC frameworks like Django, Zope and full-fledged ERP products like OpenERP on highly scalable N-tier architectures like AWS, Apache and GNU/Linux platform. I have served various roles during my career ...

Hyderabad, India

Pranav Ainavolu

I love programming in Python and interested in Django too.

Hyderabad, India

Krishna Bavandlapally

My main objectives are to work on cool projects with awesome peoples. Finding creative solutions, communicate and be in equitable human relationships.

Specialties: Web development in Python focusing on the Web Application Development Frameworks and related technologies. 

Skill set: Python, Web2py, Django, Javascript with jQuery, HTML5 + CSS3 with LESS, UI ...

Pune, India

Saad Bin Akhlaq

I am a recent graduate from Indian Institute of technology - Banaras Hindu University, specializing in Control Systems-Electrical Engineering. Although I have a degree in Electrical engineering, I have an interest in the field of computer science and programming language. I have a keen interest in web development and I have ...

Bangalore, India

varun sobti

I have been working on Django since 3 years. I have been involved in multiple projects for analysis as well as development.

Pune, India


  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. Jquery
  4. Bootstrap
  5. GIT
  6. HTML
  7. CSS
  8. MySQL
Bangalore, India


3years of web-development experience using HTML, CSS, PHP, javascipt(Jquery, Mootools, yui). Recently learned about Django and have started exploring it. I've been working on Linux(ubuntu) since I started learning programming, so LAMP comes naturally to me.

Bangalore, India

Nilesh Padariya

I am an experienced Django/Python developer with having 4+ years of experience. Have worked in many internet technologies including: JQuery Solr Apache Java/J2EE



I am a Python-Django developer. 2 years of Python programming. Passionate about software-development.

  • Django/Python
  • MySQL
  • Jquery bootstrap and twitter bootstrap
  • HTML5/Javascript/CSS
  • Linux (desktop)

Ajmer, India

Alok Tiwari

Technical Consultant 

My profile is publicly available 

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Hyderabad, India


I am a python developer,having 3+years Experience in Python/Django,Java Programming

Bengaluru, India

Rama Krishna

1+ years of experience with Django.

Coimbatore, India

Freelance Developer - for Python and Django

  • Hi I am Varad, I am a Freelance developer working with a Software Giant in India.
  • Skills:
  • Programming: Python
  • Scripting : Shell and Perl
  • CSS : Bootstrap 2.3.2 and Zurb Foundation
  • Web Framework : Django
  • Cloud Platform : Google App Engine
  • Post in Bit bucket : package coffeebreak (
Hyderabad, India

Srinivasreddy jakkireddy

I have 2+ years of experience in python and django . I am more passionate about programming 

Key Skills : Python,Django , Postgresql ,Java script,jquery,selenium



Hey Everyone, I am pratz and a python / django developer. I have experience on SAAS based web applications. I am working as a freelancer and always ready for the changes in programming. Key Skills : Python, C, Mysql, CouchDB.