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Mumbai, India

Fafadia Tech

My name is Sidharth, I have 4+ years of programming experience. I hold MS in Computer Science from USC,CA. I have worked with Django, Tornado, Google App Engine and CherryPy pythonic frameworks.

For references and portfolio you can checkout my profile:

Currently I ...

Hyderabad, India


I am a python developer,having 3+years Experience in Python/Django,Java Programming

Hyderabad, India

Naveen Dosapati

I am a complete SAAS based web application developer having 6yrs of experience  in django framework

  • AREA OF SKILL SET : (LAMP:  django, python, php, html, javascript and mysql on linux platform) .

Current project is



Please see our skillset in Python and Django

 Python: Scripting, debugging, PEP 8 standards, usage of 3rd party packages

Django: Web development, API coding, Amazon s3 integration, Migration tool(South), Pluggable application, Celery(Asynchronous),Social Authentication(Facebook, Twitter)

Javascript: Jquery, ajax, plugins, mootools

Others: Redis and Beanstalkd(message broker), Version ...

Kochi, India

Masteroe IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Have more than 5 yrs of experience in web development. experience in Python, Django, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML CSS, AJAX etc

Mumbai, India


Few special words for all.

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Mumbai, India

Logicious Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Established in 2009 , our company had been doing web and mobile applications. We have grown and remain abreast of the latest technology changes and we provide high-end enterprise business solutions along with web and mobile applications too. 
Identifying client needs, proposing solutions and furnishing clients with all required information about ...

Ahmedabad, India

Pratik Yagnik

I have 2+ years of experience in Django

Andhra Pradesh, India


fRuiApps is a highly innovative and dedicated open web technology studio focusing on WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN, CONSULTING, SOCIAL MEDIA, and CLOUD COMPUTING. We love creating dynamic and robust solutions using open source tools. We are experts at producing custom web solutions from concept to launch using Scrum ...


Satheesh Chandrasekhar

Web Development with the Django Framework and hosting of Django Applications for 5+ years. Years of experience in web programming and front end with PHP/MySQL, Ajax, CSS, Javascript and XML.

Strong focus on Django/Python development using mysql database backend and Ubuntu Linux operating system. Developed a social networking ...

Bangalore, India

Nilesh Padariya

I am an experienced Django/Python developer with having 4+ years of experience. Have worked in many internet technologies including: JQuery Solr Apache Java/J2EE



My Skills set:

•Database Systems - PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, MySQL ,MongoDB, CouchDB •Programming - C#.Net, Python, Django, JQuery, ExtJS, OpenLayers, d3, Javascript, CSS,Html5 •OS: Linux(Ubuntu), Windows, Solaris. •Dev ENV: Virtualenv, SVN, BuildBot, Git, Eclipse, Pydev, Aptana

Pune, India


I am a Python developer with 7+ years of experience in developing Web based applications using Django, Cherrypy. Also experience in developing Deskop applications using Python.

Kolkata, India


Working on web developement last few years , and now started with django framework.Liking the framework much.Its pretty simple

Chennai, India

Arjun Maruthapandi

I have 2+ experience in software field.First 2 year working with Core PHP,From present 1 year i am more focusing on python, django web development. Skills:Python, Django, Javascript, Html, Php, Mysql, MongoDB

Kochi, India

Tom Joy

Iam Python/Django Developer. Skill Set- Python,Django,ASP.NET,C#, Ajax,JQuery,MySQL,HTML,XML,Twitter-Bootstrap. Experience in financial domain projects like security litigation settlements,developing social networking sites.

Pune, India

Sohail Shaikh

1.4 Years of experience with Python and Django. Database knowledge of MySQL and PostgreSQL

Currently working with Django 1.5. Experience of working on Linux platform and Windows platform. Experience with tools like SVN, Bugzilla, FileZilla. 

Python enthusiast with knowledge of Web Development. Basic level knowledge of project planning ...