Developers in India

Pune, India

Atif Haider

I am a Python/Django developer, a Free software enthusiast, a Lisper, and a Thinker.

Pune, India

Saad Bin Akhlaq

I am a recent graduate from Indian Institute of technology - Banaras Hindu University, specializing in Control Systems-Electrical Engineering. Although I have a degree in Electrical engineering, I have an interest in the field of computer science and programming language. I have a keen interest in web development and I have ...

Mumbai, India

Logicious Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Established in 2009 , our company had been doing web and mobile applications. We have grown and remain abreast of the latest technology changes and we provide high-end enterprise business solutions along with web and mobile applications too. 
Identifying client needs, proposing solutions and furnishing clients with all required information about ...

Bangalore, India

raj ganesh

python and django junkie. work with small and medium sized firms, mostly startups, architecting/designing/developing out web/non-web applications. Got some grip on scaling of web applications.

Hyderabad, India

Reitcorp technologies

young and dynamic with the thirst to learn new and upcoming technologies…3 months of experience in django/python..good knowledge of oops,(java,python)..sun certified java programmer?(scjp)..capable of developing web application independently..

Chennai, India

Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd

I have 5 years of professional experience in User Interface Development and  with most usable enterprise wide Web applications. Specialized in Front End Development, full web site development and Python, Django 



Lots of experience with Python, Zope, Plone, Django, Turbogears and Pylons



My Skills set:

•Database Systems - PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, MySQL ,MongoDB, CouchDB •Programming - C#.Net, Python, Django, JQuery, ExtJS, OpenLayers, d3, Javascript, CSS,Html5 •OS: Linux(Ubuntu), Windows, Solaris. •Dev ENV: Virtualenv, SVN, BuildBot, Git, Eclipse, Pydev, Aptana



We're a new media company, specialized in building sustainable businesses online. Our websites are a hybrid of design and technology with a business twist and powered by great frameworks such as Django.

Experienced with Python, Django, Apache, mod_python, lighttpd, wsgi, Google APIs including maps and docs, JQuery, Y! UI ...

Hyderabad, India


I am hughson with more than 9yrs of experience in mobile and web application development using Python, Django, App Engine, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

I worked as software consultant (vendor 2yrs) for Google Inc and successfully launched and using python/django ...

Pune, India

Vivek Joshi

Software Engineer with 1.5 Year of Experience in Software Development.
Expertise in Python, Django, Unix, SVN, GIT, SQL.
Open source practitioner with Excellent knowledge of Web Development. 
Good at project planning, project module management, meeting Deadlines. 
Enthusiastic Engineer looking for new challenges in Information Technology

Mumbai, India

Ideus Concepts

Working in python and Django, created website and intranet systems e.g. Other handy skills: Flash(AS3), Jquery, Interested and doing stuff on : Scalable sytems, Papervision3D

Jaipur, India

Rohan Jain

Software Engineer, Open Source Enthusiast

B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Owais Lone

Love technology, FOSS and Python

Ahmedabad, India

Pratik Yagnik

I have 2+ years of experience in Django

Ahmedabad, India

Quixom Technology

Python/Django Full-Stack Development Company. Let's work together!

"We are a group of exciting people who wants to make your project better than your anticipation." 

Our client-oriented philosophy has allowed us to grow rapidly as a company. Hence, we never compromise on that. We thrive to better ourselves ...


Mahat Infosystem

We are mobile and web application development service company based in India. We work in technologies like Django, iOS, Android.