Developers in España

Cádiz, España


We're a little and young spanish company focused on mobile development, but our real passion is Python & Django development.

We can perform a full-stack development with a nice look and feel.

As an example, our main developer (Pablo Recio) is also main developer of Merengue CMS: http://dev.merengueproject ...


Juan Perez

Django developer. Full website design and implementation. Wide experience in PHP/Linux/SQL(MySql, Postgres, Oracle). Proactive, passionate about learning new technologies.



I'm a software engineer, experienced on several software fields, like high perfomance computing, computer graphics, game development and lately, web development (frontend and backend), and android development.

Valencia, España

Juan Miguel Olmo

I´m a developer adicted to Django. I've build Internet portals and sites using Django + PostgreSQL in the backend, and Html (4 and 5), CSS (2 and 3), javascript and jQuery in the frontend. Usually I install, configure and mantain the servers for the project, using different linux flavors ...

Valencia, España


Cuble is an experienced team of web application developers located in Valencia. We specialize in developing custom web applications and content management systems using the Django Web Framework.

Jerez de la Frontera, España

Antonio Martín Romero

I have been using Django for 3 years due to you can make website faster than another framework. Also i have good knowledge about Javascript and PHP.

Santander, España


I've been a Django developer for several years now, I know the framework internals and the huge ecosystem around django and python.

That knowledge helped me to work in awesome projects with people from all around the world.

I've been working as a CTO in startups from Spain ...