Developers in China



Well known in django/pylons web frameworks and google app engine

html/css web standards

python/js/C programming


Founder of GAE Camp

Hanzhong, China


I'm a python/django developer, also good at database design.

Beijing, China


an web developer using python/django web framework.

Chengdu, China


Django developer with experience in django, python, mysql, postgresql, xhtml, xml, json, css, linux(debian, ubuntu).

Nanjing, China

Xu Hui Hui

Python & Django developer (junior).


yaean design ltd

yaean design was founded in Hong Kong in December 2002. We opened a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Shanghai in November 2003. The founders have over 15 years experience working with international clients and multinational companies. The current head count of the studio is nine full time employees.

Our ...

Qingdao, China

Lin Sheng

I'm experienced in software/web development, project management, requirement analysis and system design. If you have party time jobs that I can help, feel free to contact me :-)

Beijing, China

Mithra Gao

I have 5 years web development experience and have good knowledge with Django. Want to devote my power with you to finish more challenging project! Thanks.


Kelvin Li

I have more than 4 years' Python development experience, finished several project by using Django. Also I am an iPhone developer, I create the iPhone/iPad app, and provided the webservice by using Django. I love python, simple, clean and smart. I do hope I can work in some different ...

Chengdu, China

6 years of PHP and 2 years of Python web programing experience.Well known about web standards and AJAX.

Beijing, China


I have 5 years experience in Python development. I focus on Web-Based games and business projects development, and my technical features is the use of Django and Twisted to develop the server-side service, and also use the Flex, Google Web Toolkit and jQuery to develop the client-side UI. I am ...



I'm a developer with 4-year experience in web app development. With in the past 4 years, I've been using PHP, Python, Ruby with several different frameworks, and has a lot of experience in web app architecture and ajax.

Hangzhou, China

Martin Wong

skilled in Java, JavaScript(jquery), Django and dhtml etc., I'd like to be a part-time, remotely working


Computer skills: Linux System, Skilled in Bash shell, Python, Regex ,Awk,Sed, Perl, Matlab, C, Visual C++, VHDL, Verilog, Microsoft Office, Skilled in python web framework like Django or Flask

Language skills: Fluent in both oral and written English 

Looking for: Remote/Part time django/python related project.

Chengdu, China

Steve Tu

Work with Django since 0.96, fluent & idiomatic Python for 6+ years, DB tweaking for MySQL/Percona DB/XtraDB, design systems based on MongoDB/Redis for over 90M users.

Deep knowledge of browser, HTTP and TCP/IP, Web backend enthusiastic, Nginx+uWSGI guru and hack WSGI/Gevent/Tulip/WebPy/BottlePY ...

Fuzhou, China

Chris West

I have a wide range of programming/web skills especially suited to helping small businesses with their overall online presence.

  • Django/Python - used for 4 years on a wide range of personal and professional projects
  • HTML/CSS/JS - good practical experience of making usable, beautiful websites
  • SEO - good understanding of ...
Nanchang, China


I like python, simple is better. I like django, simple is better. I like ubuntu, simple is better.