Developers in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Victor Fontes

Python and Free Software enthusiast.

João Pessoa, Brazil


I'm working with Django since August, 2008 at SODA Virtual ( and studing Internet Systems at IFPB (Instituto Federal de Ciência e Tecnologia da Paraíba) since 2008.

Canoas, Brazil


Developer with passion !. I'm in love with Django and I'm building some applications with it.

Campo Grande, Brazil


I'm a web developer, and working with PHP, C#, Python/Django.

Schroeder, Brazil

Klaus Laube

Work with web development for 4 years. I have knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (Mootools), Python, Django, Webstandards, etc. A bit of C, Java, Object Pascal, Zope and CherryPy.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Rogerio Hilbert Lima

Over the last 7 years, I have been working with websites development using xHTML, DTML, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, MochiKit, Python, Django, Plone, Zope, Joomla (PHP), MySQL, Postgres, sqlite including sites for small business, government and university portals, e-commerce, web interface for more complex systems. I have also worked with Server ...

Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Freitas Web Development

  • python
  • django
  • java
  • oracle
  • vbscript
  • jsf
  • .net
  • primefaces
  • php
  • jquery
  • sql
  • css
  • asp
  • mysql
  • javascript
  • ajax
  • android
  • postgresql
  • c#
Matinhos, Brazil

Rafael Jamur

I'm a Python and Ruby entusiast. I had developed since 92 in other languages and now I'm learning Django and Rails at same time.

Uberlândia, Brazil

Gustavo Lepri

I'm a web developer with solid understanding of Python programming; strong bash and SQL skills; extensive experience as a system adminsitrator (Linux) and network administrator; extensive experience in the greatest portal projects for brazilian government as a senior developer and analyst; great skill in agile development models; good people ...

Porto Alegre, Brazil


I was working in OpenERP (python) for two years in New Delhi India.Now I am moved to Porto Alegre. I am doing project on django for my own interest.I want to work on django or OpenERP.

Brasilia, Brazil

Marcello Bontempo Salgueiro

I want to make projects, preferably projects is using free softwares and promote technological innovation and knowledge exchange.

Olinda, Brazil

Iberê Lima Silva

I am web developer with 6 years experience and am currently focusing on projects using Django. I do manage my team and give training in techniques for web development with Django.

Fortaleza, Brazil


django developer try start a freelancer carreer.

São José do Rio Preto, Brazil

SAM Web Solutions

Outsourcing Services (Ruby on Rails and Django)

Porto Alegre, Brazil

sergio freitas

I have experience with PHP/Mysql/Ajax/jQuery/Prototype.js. I really like Django/Python, and worked on some projects (all freelance).

Eu tenho experiencia com PHP/Mysql/Ajax/jQuery/Prototype.js. Eu gosto muito de Django/Python, e trabalhei em alguns projetos (todos freelance).

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Cassiano

Python developer with experience on backend and frontend. Great skills with search platforms and large data processing. Software passionate, love to solve problems and to be involved on great challenges.

Paulo, Brazil

Marcio Andrey Oliveira

I'm a C/C++, Java, Python and Ruby developer with more than 10 years of experience.

I have been using Django since version 0.95.

São Paulo, Brazil

Bruno Gola

Developer and Sysadmin. Experience with Python, Django, GNU/Linux and Ruby on Rails.