Developers in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Ricardo Silva

Developer and entrepreneur. Experience with Java, JEE, Linux, Python and Django.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have a large experience with python development, specially with PyGTK and Django. I am currently a full-time senior systems analyst at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and i spend a quite big time of my weekend helping open source projects. But i think that now is time to use some ...

São José dos Campos, Brazil

Felipe Ferreri Tonello

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with large experience in C, C++ and Python development under Linux environment for web, desktop and embedded systems. I love mathematics and algorithms, which makes me a strong candidate if you requires good skills in solving problems and challenges.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Diogo Baeder

Developer mainly interested in Python and JavaScript. Lover of Django and jQuery. Also very interested in other techs like NodeJS, Erlang, PyQt etc.

Paulo, Brazil

Trianguli Free Software

I am free software and Python/Django developer. If you wish know more, please visit my website.

Campo Grande, Brazil


I'm a web developer, and working with PHP, C#, Python/Django.

São Carlos, Brazil

Henrique Romano

I'm a self-taught programmer with five years of experience on development of web sites and desktop applications for Linux.

Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

Rafael Campos de Bastiani

Curso faculdade de Analise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas, meus conhecimentos com Python e Django são de um autodidata, desenvolvi meu blog do zero no qual tenho como base meus conhecimentos, boa parte do que sei esta em forma de artigos no blog, gosto muito do Django e Python ...

Brasilia, Brazil

Marcello Bontempo Salgueiro

I want to make projects, preferably projects is using free softwares and promote technological innovation and knowledge exchange.

Rio, Brazil

Phillipe Cavalcante

Some tools I usually use to build web applications:


  • django-haystack
  • Whoosh
  • Scrapy
  • Sphinx
  • Pygments
  • NLTK
  • Scipy
  • Numpy
  • django-filer
  • Pillow
  • easy-thumbnails
  • django-mptt
  • passlib


  • JQuery, Javascript
  • Ember.js (learning)


PostgreSQL, MySQL


Git, Subversion, Mercurial, UML, SQL, Java, C++, Bash.


Ian Lawrence

In 1992, I obtained an BA degree from the University of Portsmouth, where I defended my dissertation on recycling strategies.

I started working as a teacher. I then discovered computers and taught myself how to code in ColdFusion. My first contract was at the BBC in London in 2000 and ...

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

Engenheiro de Computação com experiência extensiva em Web Analytics e Ánalise de Sistema. Desen- volve aplicações Web em ambientes Open Source a 7 anos tendo trabalhado com marcas importantes e internacionais como Coca-Cola, Oi, Gafisa, Sprint, IBM, entre outras.

Meu objetivo é trabalhar com desenvolvimento de aplicações em django e ...

Florianopolis, Brazil

Bruno Ribeiro

Python/Django developer, Linux administrator (postfix, courier, squid, network, firewalls, apache). I love Linux and I love python.

São Paulo, Brazil

Bruno Gola

Developer and Sysadmin. Experience with Python, Django, GNU/Linux and Ruby on Rails.


Felipe Mendes Braga

Tenho Um ano de experiência com Django. Trabalho em um órgão público e ajudei na implantação do Django na Intranet.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Cassiano

Python developer with experience on backend and frontend. Great skills with search platforms and large data processing. Software passionate, love to solve problems and to be involved on great challenges.

Curitiba, Brazil

Heigler Rocha

My general qualification: python/django (since 0.96), PHP, MySQL, PostgreSql, javascript/jquery, css, html, xml and xhtml. I've worked in a big project called Paraná On-line:

Paulo, Brazil

Marcio Andrey Oliveira

I'm a C/C++, Java, Python and Ruby developer with more than 10 years of experience.

I have been using Django since version 0.95.