Joe Sharit

I am an experienced web app developer with broad experience in technology. Recent work includes:

  • Django data-driven websites: payroll, reservations, trouble ticket, online reg
  • Javascript (with JQuery), Ajax
  • DOM scripting/DHTML, XML, and reasonable chops with XHTML/CSS
  • some skills with Java
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Apache w/ mod_wsgi, nginx
  • Linux server config (Ubuntu, Fedora)
  • Google App Engine

I've been working with Django since 2008 and have delivered dynamic, data-driven websites for multiple clients. Please see for more info.

By the way, I have experience integrating with QuickBooks and can help tie your web apps to your financial bookkeeping.

Education: BSEE, 30 units of graduate CS

Work Experience:

  • 22 years as Engineer and Project Manager with Hewlett-Packard
  • Senior Program Manager at
  • Internal web application developer at Google since 2011

See my linkedin profile at

Let's build out a server at Rackspace and get your site or web app up within days!

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