Borhan Tipu

Full-stack Development with Django Python web framework:

For new startup projects, I would like to work with Django 2.2(LTS) version.

I build any kind custom featured Web Application also Rest API based web application. I work both as front and backend developer.

If you are going to build a web application like management system, ERP, Blog, Booking System, etc I am here.

For a simple web application project starts with 500 USD.

Common Features of An Application:

✅ Custom user authentication with Model permission

✅ Models with relations.

✅ API Based Backend Application with DRF.

✅ Views with permission for a different user.

✅ CRUD for all kind of Models(Data).

✅ Design front Website.

✅ Custom Admin Dashboard or Implement HTML Dashboard

✅ AJAX Functionality.

✅ and much more... 

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