Andrey Mikhailov

I have extensive experience developing applications in all stages: design, coding, debugging, implementation and support. Overwhelming number of applications in the design of which I was involved use different SQL Servers. In the past three years focused on web applications using Python and Django. Specialties

Borland Delphi (Expert, 11 years experience) Firebird (Expert, 11 years) OLE (Advanced, 11 years) Cartography (Expert, 12 years) Python (Intermediate, 2 years) HTML + CSS (Intermediate, 2 year ) PostgreSQL (Advanced, 2 years) MySQL (Intermediate, 3 years) Django (Advanced, 2 years) JS (Intermediate, 1 year) jQuery (Intermediate, 1 year) AJAX (Intermediate, 2 years ) MapServer (Expert, 4 years)

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