I am 26 years old, I studied computer engineering at the “Universidad Austral de Chile” which is a 5 years program which I finish my courses at 2006, and now I am finishing with my thesis in the following months in order to get my degree. From the boy, I showed interest in technical and sciences issues, especially in electronic, physic and biology and when I knew the computers, in computer sciences because was more easy and cheap achieve my ideas into “terminated products”. I like learn new technologies and not only new, but new for me in order to have holistic vision of alternatives that we can have to make development and find solutions. I like the jobs that are a challenge for me, which are need learn and apply the knowledge, in addition, with multidisciplinary teams, to able to learn (and teach) about other knowledge areas. Currently I have a blog at where I post some contents related to my interests, like mini guide to help to other users to solve some issues that I’ve found and solved. In addition, I have a profile published in the web site for job networks, this could be seen in: In the next table, I show some of my knowledge and tools used during my previous jobs, personal use or university practices.

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