Alexander Gaevsky

I am contract Python developer with 5yrs experience and project leader. Most time I've been working on e-commerce and marketing projects as well as on web-applications for business processes automation. Experienced developing Django-based applications, moreover has experience with Werkzeug/Jinja2 stack, RDBMS(MySQL, PostgresSQL), NoSQL(MongoDB, CouchDB), full-text search engines(Solr, Elasticsearch, Sphinx), Celery, caching (Redis, Memcached, Varnish etc), REST API, git, github, mercurial, unit-testing (django-webtest, factoryboy, etc), Selenium, CI/CD (Travis CI, Circle CI, Jenkins), AWS (EC2, S3 etc), sphinx docs/markdown, external API integration (social media, payments etc), AWS (EC3, S3), DevOps (Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Fabric etc), JS/jQuery/AngularJS, CSS/SaSS/Bootstrap etc. 

I am an open source contributor to Django, Django-allauth, Django REST Framework, Django-oscar and other projects, more info in my github account - Thanks.

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