Alec Koumjian

Skills by category, emphasis on proficiency ⌨ Coding Python 5+ Years Experience web: Django, mongoDB data: SciPy, NumPy, matplotlib, ScraPy, PyObject (code example) gui: wxPython Other Tools languages: LISP, Obj. C, Wiring/Arduino, C version control: Mercurial, SVN ☏ IT Linux SysAdmin data: rsync, SAMBA/NFS file servers, mdadm (linux software RAID), VirtualBox networking: Apache, DNS, dhcp ◳ UI / Design web: jQuery / Javascript, CSS/HTML5 graphics: GIMP, ImageMagick $ eCommerce google: Adwords, Analytics, Merchant Center (products) seo: organic link building, keyword targeting, page optimization social media: Facebook Insights, Twitter campaigns carts: 3dCart, Magento, Satchmo other: SalesForce, SnapEngage

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