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My objective is to find a job where I feel comfortable and am able to work in a team. I enjoy Django development and feel as though this is something I am best at doing.

I would class myself as a Web systems Developer with about 3 years non professional experience using a range of differently programming languages, I am a hard worker and always put in 100% work which would benefit a organisation looking to employ a focused hard worker. I enjoy working in a team and thrive off learning from others.

I would like to further my skill as a Django developer and be involved in more Django/Python projects as I find this side of the programming more challenging and rewarding.

I have currently been developing a new software package in C# known as LeXii. It is an area i am very passionate in and the software helps aid Dyslexic & Colour Blind computer users. I enjoy new tasks and accept change very well. Learning is an essential part of my life and I will always take on board what other people say and try to implement others ideas where necessary.

I am looking forward to working in a corporate environment and working with a team developing together as I would like to greater my experience in the team and extend my list of skills and capabilities.

I am familiar with Adobe/Macromedia software packages and currently use Macromedia Fireworks for all web based graphical work, although Adobe packages are my preferred skills, I will always welcome new software packages and take the time to learn new techniques.

Specialties: PHP, Django, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, C++ C#, Flash

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