2 JUN 2016

Software engineer @ Stream

About StreamStream (GetStream.io) is building a new kind of data store. A data store to build, scale and personalize feeds. Our users access Stream via a blazing fast, highly available and simple to use API service. Stream process billions of updates every month. To do that we run on a very complex tech stack, highly optimized for performance and availability.

Stream is a well funded startup with offices in Amsterdam and Boulder. We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our development team in Amsterdam. You will be responsible for the development of new features for the company’s core software products and for extending and maintaining our infrastructure.

About You

You are passionate about designing and building great software that works. You find working on complex problems rewarding. You have years of experience in the field of software engineer, and you spent a good amount of that time building web applications and API services.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent programming skills preferably with Python
  • Strong experience with Relational and NoSQL databases (Postgresql/Mysql/PostgreSQL, Cassandra, etc).
  • Version control (Git or similar), continuous integration, monitoring
  • Experience with NoSql data stores such as: Cassandra, HBase, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • Familiar with writing high performance programs

Bonus points:

  • Experience with Erlang/Elixir
  • Experience with Go/Scala/Java
  • Data/analysis/visualization and machine learning
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud infrastructure

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