31 JUL 2020

Senior Python developers

Client is creating a new tool for accountants & lawyers to supply a voting procedure at a new law WHOA. Work in the exciting and growing finance and legal industry, at the early stage of the development of tooling for secure legal communications.

We develop in English and translate back to Dutch of other European language.

As a Python developer you will be developing on the core product in an international team, including work on tooling, and you will have a chance to explore Python security including some green field work. Your focus on Django will make the difference to our success.

You must be proficient in at least one Python web framework for service development.

Desired experience

General purpose Python developer > 3.7;

Front and back end Python based web development pref Django > 2.0

ReSTful API design

SQL, PostgreSQL

Security mechanisms like server and service hardening, Authentication techniques like LDAP, Auth0, Kerberos

Autorisation techniques based on LDAP / Django

Pen testing

CI & Cloud deployment

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. At this time we can only offer good salary to candidates. 

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