20 APR 2020

Python / Django Engineer

SilverCloud is being used by over 240 organizations globally to support the mental health needs of their end users/patients. 

We are looking for a commercially experienced mid to senior level Software Engineer to join our engineering team. You will be involved in the evolution of our products for our US customer base.

SilverCloud will support you to: 

  • Work closely with Product Management, Customer Success and Customer Support to identify technical solutions to customer pain points. (Figure out what they want and what we can build)
  • Provide scoping estimates and plan project objectives, functional requirements, technical specifications. (Plan it)
  • Develop and maintain efficient, usable, well-constructed and documented program code in a timely manner whilst conforming to best practice standards. (Build it)
  • Ensure that SilverCloud's products are developed in a secure, scalable and maintainable manner in line with our Secure Software Development Lifecycle policies. (Build it well)

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