18 SEP 2014

Bridge partnership bidding website

This is a job for a smallish project in Django.

The goal is to build a website for collaborative bidding in the game of bridge. The idea is for partners to be presented with various problems in bidding and to compare answers they give. There are no right or wrong answers; the wrong answer is the answer that differs between partners.

Some familiarity with the game of bridge will be a big plus.

The basic flow:

  1. Log in via python-social-auth
  2. Set up a partnership with someone in the friends list (multiple partnerships possible)
  3. Working for one partnership at a time, various bidding problems are presented and answered.
  4. At the first possibility, the partner is presented with the same problems.
  5. Red flags are issued whenever answers differ.

A bidding problem consists of a 13 card bridge hand and an auction. Possible answers are all the legal bridge bids starting at that point.


  1. Problems may be tagged with django-tagging.
  2. Users may submit problems.
  3. Partners may post comments (private to one another) relative to a bidding problem.

This is a side project, and it doesn't have a big budget. I've no idea whether or when I can monetize this. I'm just looking for a minimal working website, no fancy graphics or anything. Of course, if it does work, familiarity with the codebase will be considered a huge plus.

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