20 OCT 2020

Back End Engineer

Port. solves the problem that no one knows what decisions work in business (even though lots of people pretend they do). As a result, millions of Americans watch others succeed while losing all they have, working in jobs they hate, or getting stuck in businesses they struggle. Port. starts with a website where people in commerce can get news they can use on companies that matter to them, so they have an edge in negotiations, and then grows to a tool for planning the finances of a business, a device for evaluating strategy in an Augment Reality, and beyond.

Port. is looking to hire a back-end engineer:

  • Must have: expertise in Django, DRF, Python, Kafka, RESTful architecture, databases (Postgres), and pipelines
  • Should have: knowledge of Angular, rules engines (expert systems), design patterns
  • Plus: Experience with low-latency financial systems outside of trading, SOAP APIs, GraphQL, game development

We use Scrum / Agile religiously. 

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