19 OCT 2009

Web Developer at Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel family of networks is seeking an experienced and passionate Web developer to join our in-house creative department on a freelance basis for 40+ hours/week.

You will work within an exciting, high-paced, über-creative environment. There is a wide variety of work across multiple networks including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, The Science Channel and others. You will be challenged and expected to perform at a high level.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Picks through Django’s source code for fun
  • Has live, working examples of several Django sites they’ve developed
  • Can demonstrate how they used Django to creatively solve problems
  • Is active in the Django/Python communities

This position requires:

  • Core understanding of programming concepts
  • Fluency in Python, experience with other languages
  • Fluency in SQL (we use both MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • Excellent communication skills (fluent in English)
  • Excellent code documentation skills
  • The ability to meet tight deadlines
  • The ability to work closely with Creative Directors, Art Directors, and designers to ensure creative vision is achieved
  • Comprehensive understanding of Web Standards

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with JavaScript and JS frameworks (we use jQuery)
  • Experience with DVCS
  • Experience creating and utilizing APIs
  • Contributions to open-source projects
  • Command line dominance

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