17 JAN 2008

Junior and Senior Developers in Lawrence, Kansas

Unofficially, the job description is “build cool shit.” Our goals are nothing short of being the coolest and most innovative web teams in the world. We're the people newsrooms come to when they need to implement special features and new sites, but we do a whole lot more:

  • We support (and participate in) the development of Django, which begin as an in-house project and now is an open-source platform with a vibrant user community.
  • We develop and market Ellington, our content-management platform built on top of Django. As a commercial product it's rapidly gaining traction in the news industry.
  • We maintain our own hardware and administer our own systems.

We work in small teams so we all pitch in where needed. “Not my job” is an unknown mentality here.

We're looking for someone who has significant experience developing cutting-edge web sites, preferably on an open-source (LAMP-style) platform. We want someone with a strong dedication to web standards and web-development best practices. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with database-backed web development and a history of development in dynamic languages.

Strong preference will be given to candidates with experience with Django and a history of participation in the Django community. However, we're much more interested in intangibles like passion and a proven ability to learn new tricks, so we'll happily train the right person.

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