11 JAN 2017


About us
We're a bootstrapped startup that makes two products for the commercial real-estate vertical. The first product is a communication platform; the other is a service that surveys tenants and analyzes the data to provide insight about customer satisfaction.

The company is based in Oslo, Norway, but we are all remote. We're looking for a fourth person to join our team as a part-time contractor. You will be the second developer. We'll pay you USD 30 per hour. You’ll invoice us monthly.

Both systems have a core of Python and Django, with functionality broken out into separate services (sometimes in Go or Clojure or Javascript) when it makes sense. The systems are mostly Dockerized and running in a public cloud.

About you
You'll work about 20 hours per week, with the possibility of full time in the future. We don't care where you live or when you work, but it's a big plus if you're available either around 05:00 UTC or 10:00 UTC on most days so we have a chance to communicate synchronously.


  • Communicate exceptionally well in written English and well in spoken English
  • Can work effectively with an all-remote team
  • Are a strong programmer in Python and Javascript
  • Are familiar with a wide swath of web technologies

It'd be even better if you...

  • Know some Go, Clojure, Objective C, and other languages
  • Have some devops experience

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