4 AUG 2014

Full stack Django/Python developer local or remote

Rock Kitchen Harris, Leicester, UK - http://www.rkh.co.uk

Hi! I'm looking for a super elite, super friendly, super smart Django developer to help a small and excited team work on lots of client projects plus our own apps. We've been around for 32 years and we're well established, but unlike a typical agency dev team, ours is small, fast and independent.

We have all sorts of clients with differing needs, but we'll trust you to work on huge projects like Police.uk (hundreds of thousands of visits a day) pretty quickly if all goes well.

We're just about to move into a stunning new office in a 1930s bank (complete with our own café and kitchen, and next door to the pub). Ideally you'd work in the office on a shiny new Mac at a shiny new desk, but if remote works best for you then that's cool - we'll provide whatever tools you might need and hope to see you now and again for fun and games and beer.

Essential life skills

  • Python and Django experience - you know it inside out, but you're also smart enough to know when rolling your own is a bad idea and when to stand on the shoulders of existing libraries, packages and apps
  • Server chops - you're comfortable with UNIX-based technologies, the thought of spawning and killing thousands of load-balanced AWS servers for high profile sites doesn't scare you, and you could survive a whole day without touching a mouse if you needed to
  • Passion - you love what you do, your Instapaper queue is off the scale, and you high-five yourself when something actually works(!!1)
  • Initiative - you appreciate the need for 'project people', but you can focus on the end goal and pretty much get on with things without being micromanaged
  • People skills - you recognise that non-developers think differently and always click the wrong button, but you're ok with that and understand how important they are in the grand scheme of things
  • Taste - you can spot bad code or an ugly design as well as you can spot efficient code and pretty things
  • A clean record - we do a lot of work with sensitive government data, so we'll have to do background checks to get you security clearance (and a cool ID card) for certain projects

Stuff we use every day that doesn't at all scare you

OS X, Ubuntu, tmux, Mercurial, Git, GPG, PostgreSQL, AWS, VPC, nginx, Gunicorn, supervisord, Python, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Memcached, HTML, Less, jQuery, Jenkins, Selenium, CloudFlare

How to apply

Please send a CV/resume and covering note directly to me: psculthorpe@rkh.co.uk

Or, better, surprise me! Perhaps your blog really tells us about you, or there is something really impressive you've created or worked on you can share, or your Github commit history is huge. Anything more than a boring CV tends to stand out! Let's talk.

Thanks for reading :)

Paul Sculthorpe

Director, Rock Kitchen Harris


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