5 DEC 2013

Freelance Django Developer - 10-15 hours/month (Must be US based)

Do you wish you could change the world? Would you like to work with a group of dedicated professional change makers who come to work every day and do just that? We believe society is broken and we are called to play a role in fixing it. We are passionate about safety and see far too many preventable injuries and deaths occurring. We know we can change this.

The Redwoods Group changes the world for the better through the inspired application of insurance intelligence and a deep commitment to the broad community within which we live and serve. We tackle very serious issues with very serious stakes, from child sexual abuse to drowning. And we do this because our corporate mission is not to make a profit, but to make sure that communities profit from our work. For us, financial profit is important, but only as a metric of sustainability. We are a hybrid of non-profit and for-profit, called a B-Corporation (for benefit). By providing property/casualty and workers’ compensation insurance products alongside safety and claims management services to YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers and non-profit resident camps across the nation, we are reducing injuries and saving lives.

The Redwoods Group is currently seeking an experienced Django Developer for 10-15 hours of freelancing per month. The ideal candidate will believe in our mission and have a strong understanding of the agile development process.

  • Working within the agile development process to implement new features once a month onwww.redwoodsgroup.com
  • Reviewing a backlog of projects and helping Redwoods understand how large each project is, whether it needs to be broken into smaller projects, etc.
  • Attending a monthly planning session to discuss the upcoming sprint's work and future sprints
  • Implementing a given month's functionality within the time agreed upon (typically 2 weeks).
  • Working with the website project manager (Nick Popio) to evaluate and troubleshoot the month's functionality prior to release.
  • Being available to discuss any issues that come up via phone, text, email or instant messenger. The Website Project Manager will likewise make himself available to discuss any issues that may arise.
  • Ability to actively listen
  • Strong knowledge of Python programming language
  • Experience working with Django CMS
  • A belief that making a difference in your community is important
  • Deep care for and active engagement with others
  • Ability to think critically and solve problems
  • Ability to gladly adapt to and embrace change
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • High ethical standards
  • Sense of humor

If you're interested, please contact npopio@redwoodsgroup.com.

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