20 APR 2012

Python / Javascript developer (Remote)

We're a startup working in the social space and are looking for developers who have experience with Python and jQuery to work as part of a global team. The founders and board were part of the critical team that created the Huffington Post.

The ideal candidate will go through a 1 to 4 week paid trial but end up as a permanent part of the team working 30-40 hours a week.

Strong communication skills are required - it's essential with the global team that each developer/designer/team member feels comfortable emailing all their thoughts and isn't shy about communicating. We don't require excellent grammar skills in English - however you communicate, through whichever style works for you is fine. What matters is that we understand each other's ideas and code.

Every developer is encouraged to think about the business, the ideas, and contribute to the product as you learn, not just be given specific tasks. We have a very clear direction and feature set in mind, but there is always room for new ideas and discussion, as well as diverse engineering challenges to solve.

We have great direct connections with key people at Google, Facebook, and Twitter and there's a lot of excitement about what we're doing. Your work will be seen by key people in the industry.

A few articles featuring us:


  • Strong Python skills
  • Strong JavaScript / jQuery skills
  • Experience with distributed version control, preferably git.
  • Interest in working on an application using up-to-date technologies and practices and learning new ones as appropriate.
  • Strong communication skills and willingness to ask a question - we are looking for someone to treat as a member of the team, not someone to just assign 100% specced-out tasks that always must be implemented an exact way. Questions will occur and it is important that we be in contact via email or chat multiple times a day to discuss how projects are going and resolve any decisions to be made.
  • It's expected that you'll offer feedback, ideas, and polite criticism on anything you think might be going wrong with the project.


  • Django experience
  • Familiar with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Backbone.js or other client-side frameworks beyond jQuery
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Experience with NoSQL
  • Past work with Twitter and Facebook APIs
  • A love of optimization
  • Tested code
  • Familiarity with PEP8
  • JSLint / JsHint

To apply, send an e-mail to jobs@casahop.com with your hourly rate, resume and code samples.

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