Susel Ruiz Duran

Experienced web developer that, during the last 3 years, has been focused on the use of technology Python / Django for thedevelopment of enterprise portals and specific purposes social networks (real estate, home services, etc.) . Quality guarantee and quick development times, according to the complexity of the product.

Some of the most popular features our clients demand:

- Tools for managing site content (create, modify, delete, list and filter existing content)

- Content catalogs (search, filter, ordering, change views, etc...)

- Map views for geo-referenced content

- User-Content interaction (like, share, rate, review, commenting, mark as a favorite, etc...)

- User-Content interaction monitoring (who has liked one item?, who is visiting one item? etc...)

- Social interaction (friends, followers, groups, etc...)

- Activity timeline

- Email notifications

- Quotations

- Flexible Prices and Tariffs builder

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