Proteus Technologies Co. Ltd.

Proteus Technologies is expert in building you a world class web presence for your world class business. Backing up our design team who are responsible for sites fronting some of the best brands in the world, is an outstanding team of developers, testers, and infrastructure personnel who have delivered systems that allow these companies to fully leverage their investment.

When you hire Proteus Technologies you will know exactly what you're going to get:

* Experienced cross-functional design, development, testing and infrastructure team. YOUR team. * Best of Breed Open Source and Open Standard technologies that will not lock you into a particular vendor. Python, Django, Postgres, C++, Javascript, AJAX, etc. * Collaborative integration with and leveraging of existing online resources - Twitter, Facebook, OpenSocial (Google,Yahoo,MySpace,etc.), the blogosphere, Amazon, Paypal, Google APIs * Agile process implmementation with infrastructure support such as Continuous Integration, Source Code Control, User Story tracking, Defect management, Code Coverage. * Code that has undergone full unit, functional, and integration testing delivered and installed on a timely and frequent basis so you see immediate results from your investment and can change direction rapidly as new opportunities arise without fear.

What you won't expect is how affordable this can all be compared to the competition. We do not attempt to be the cheapest but we know how to deliver a LOT of value at very reasonable rates. If your development effort is at all important to you then you can hardly afford to miss giving Proteus Technologies the opportunity to provide a quote and see just what kind of value we deliver.

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