K Md Mamun

I love programming and it's not only my profession also my passion to develop web application. I am very hardworking, self learner and passionate about to learn new technologies.

I have more then three years of experience working with Django.

My experience includes following tools and technologies:

Back-End development:
1. Python (Django, Tornado, Flask)
2. Node.js

Front-End tools & MVC:
1. JavaScript, JQuery, HighChart, AngularJS, Express.JS, Socket.IO, React.js, Backbone.JS
2. Bootstrap 3, HTML5, ( canvas, webRTC, SVG, websocket, webGL), LESS

1. MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch

1. Github, Selenium
2. Twilio, Celery, RabittMQ

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