Jair Trejo

I am a web project developer, manager and consultant. I have been developing software professionally for a while now, mostly on the web, but my interest in programming is a life-long affair.

I have eight years of experience working with Python, and have worked in Django projects for the past six years.
I have a solid understanding of web development and can easily move up and down the stack. Through my career I have almost always written my own front ends, and as of late have been working on single page apps using React.

Interesting projects of mine include http://base.crcal.org, a database of competition law rulings accross latin america, http://datoz.com, a web based information system for real estate agents, or http://app.tuola.mx, a rewards program for “green actions”.

You can find my resume at http://jairtrejo.mx/resume.pdf. I also have a github account at http://github.com/jairtrejo and a blog at http://jairtrejo.mx.

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