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I am Sachin Kor, from Pune, Since 5-6 years I have been using Python as programming language for any kind of assignment be it scrip or be it for object oriented development, I also have an experience in web development with Django for 1.5 years, developed an online recruitment site for client Feedcorp, site was 2Vouch. this was a Australian client, developed this project from the scratch, Including development environment setup to production environment setup using apache on Linux.

I am interested in python technologies, the whole 4 years of industrial experience in on Linux, but I also can work on windows platform. Following are my skill sets.

Languages: Python, Django Frameworke, C/C++ Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL,PL/SQL Debugging tools: pdb, gdb/ddd, dbx Tools: Vim, Emacs, Eclipes with PyDev, Putty, CVS, Mercurial, P4.

I am a good learner and hardworking guy, always ready to put extra efforts to archive the level of excellence expected from my job.

Looking forward to get new assignments in future.


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