Developers in Pakistan

Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan


i am a freelancer software eng.

Karachi, Pakistan

Ali Raza Bhayani Pakistan Python Django

Python Django Developer Pakistan

Software Development:
- Open Source GIS system development using Python, GRASS GIS Library, pyQt, pySerial, pyParser, PostgreSQL, pyQt.GUI, pyQt Multithreading.

Web Application Development:
- Technologies Used:
-- Python, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5/CSS
-- Django, Gunicorn, Nginx, Fabric, Supervisor, virtualenv, psycopg2, JSON-RPC
-- PostresSQL, Round Robin Database (RRD)
-- SVN Mercurial ...


Adnan Siddiqi

Over 10 years of experience making softwares in PHP, Java, Rails, C#, Python and others. I have working experience of MVCs like Laravel, Code Ignitor, Flask, Django and Rails.

These days I am into Laravel development and writing scrapers and crawlers for Data mining and Automation in Python.




I have solid background in Python and Django development. Worked with 3 software technology companies.Have been working as Remote Developer with Hong Kong startup. My current focus is to develop back end system of web based projects.Have used Amazon Web Services and Azure for cloud services.Used ...


Umer farooq Mughal

Over the past 7 years, I have developed my programming skill using many different technologies including Php,Python/Django,JavaScript, MySQL,JQuery, java2EE(JSF,Spring,Hibernate). Strong grip on Front-End specially in JavaScript.  My core aim is to provide quality work on time.

Currently i am working in Python/Django ...

Islamabad, Pakistan

Zaman Afzal

I am an experienced Django/iOS developer with exposure to complete Django (Linux//Heroku/MySQL /PostgreSQL, Python) stack along with exposure to UI/UX (CSS3, HTML5 and javascript/jQuery) and responsive web design (bootstrap framework). I have actively worked over various Django and iOS(Swift) apps from conception phase till ...

Lahore, Pakistan

Abbas Sheikh

Professioal Python/Django backend developer having 2 years python development experience and 1 year Django experience. Overall professional software development experience is 6+ years. Domains work include health care, mobile application development, embedded systems and network security.

Lahore, Pakistan

Abdur Rehman

2+ years web development experience.Currently working at remote position (python/django)




Django, Django-Rest,grails,twilio,djang-phonenumbers,grails-search,stripe,django-celery,ffmpeg,

WYSIWYG editors,mailchimp,aweber,infusionsoft integrations



Front end Techonologies:

Javascript, jQuery, angular-js,node-.js, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML 

Lahore, Pakistan

Lal Zada


I am Full Stack Web and Mobile Applications Developer with more than 4 years of experience in Python, PHP and Javascript. In these years of development, for couple of years i worked on PHP, then switched my field to Python and recently to Mobile applications development, which allowed me ...

Lahore, Pakistan

Muhammad Nadeem

3+ years web development experience.

Python, PHP

Django, Django-Rest, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Endpoints,
Scrapy framework for data aggregation
Zendesk development

Mezzanine, Wordpress


MySql, Google Datastore

Front end Techonologies:
Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-mobile, backbone.js, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, XHTML

Karachi, Pakistan

Shoaib Zafar


I have been working on web technologies since 2010, having extensive knowledge of Web Application Architecture & Technologies. In recent days, developing Financial Applications and Web Services (JSON/REST) on PHP & Python which also includes automations and Machine Learning (ML). I refined my ability to lead and motivate ...

Lahore, Pakistan

Mezino Technologies

Mezino Technologies is a team of django developers. We provide E2E solutions, from initial project design to complete project delivery, including project management and quality assurance. Feel free to contact us for further information.


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Ubaid ur Rehman

2 Years experience of Python ,Django , Django REST Framework, Web2py and Odoo.

Islāmābād, Pakistan

Kashif Ali

* An experienced Software Architect with extensive Cloud and Virtualization experience
* Hands on experience with various cloud stacks including Openstack
* Lead Developer for Python, Django, PHP and .Net projects
* Well-versed in various software development methodologies such as Agile development
* As a System Architect, and Project Lead, implemented VMware and KVM automation ...


Muzaffar Yousaf

Senior python / django / scrapy, software engineer, worked as a Tech Lead / Scrum Master for open source projects like edX, I am graduate of Computer Science, having 6 years of working experience as full stack developer. Hard worker and passionate about learning/exploring new tools & technologies.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Pro Software Tech

this is qumar, i am a software engineer having 4+ year of developing web applications using various open source technologies like PHP, perl, Javascript, bootstrap, Jquery

i am new to python, did a small customization on a turbo gear based application,

completed python basic course on udacity.

looking for online ...


Hameedullah Khan

Python and Django developer, email me to see the latest work samples.