Developers in Cuba

Provincia de La Habana, Cuba


More than 10 years developing for the web..

La Habana, Cuba


I am a Software Engineering from Havana, Cuba, with 9 years of graduated.

Bellow are my skills.

Advanced knowing of Php, C #, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic.

Advanced knowing of Django (Python) and Codeigniter (Php) Web Frameworks.

Experience using external APIs like Google maps, Twitter, Facebook.

Advanced knowing of AJAX, JQuery ...



Hi! My name is Neyvis and nowadays I work as a Front end web-developer.  I have two experienced years on this and also making web sites work in mobile devices. I'm currently looking for interesting projects, telecommuting would work fine for me. I started doing freelance as a 100 ...

Trinidad, Cuba

Marcos Ortiz

Working with Python since 2004 and with Django since 2008.

My main role is as System Engineer and Software Engineer administering several services on Unix/Linux based environments including Apache, Lighttpd,Fabric, Pip, virtualenv,buildout Nginx, Samba, San, NFS, MogileFS, Mongrel, Capistrano, Chef, Hadoop, Hive, Wukon and enjoying Django applications ...



In my years of experience working in Django web framework I have learn most of this framework features, models, views, templates, Django admin personalization’s, JQuery and css integration with Django, RSS feeds integration, report documents generation in PDF, rtf, …. .All using GNU Linux OS and open source software tools.


Vladir Parrado Cruz

I'm a systems analyst. I graduated from the University of Camaguey, where I studied from 2001 to 2006. After my studies I worked as professor and project leader at the University of Informatic Sciences in Cuba. There I teached artificial intelligence for several semesters, while doing research on bio-informatics ...
La Habana, Cuba


Programming languages:

  • Python + Django
  • PHP + Symfony2
  • Object Pascal
  • C++

Other technologies:

  • Javascript + jQuery
  • Twig, Jinja2 Templates Engines
  • VCS + Git, Mercurial
  • MySQL, PostgreeSQL
  • Apache
  • Linux OS
  • Agile Methodologies


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